How COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting IPL and its Expenses?


IPL 2020 is beginning on 19th September and there has been a concern of safety across the Sports circles regarding the tournament. Cricket tournaments include many personnel working tirelessly and in the case of IPL where there are players from many different nations come together the number is huge.

Amidst the concerns regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic that has put a brake on the entire world, conducting Sports tournaments is a huge risk. The fact that the players will be exposed to outside personnel most of the time is a matter of concern in itself. Secondly, the travel restrictions in various countries, the regular checkups of players, and the respective team staff and the other people working in the organization of the game are significantly going to increase the expense of the tournament. Let us check out the factors that affect IPL 2020 one by one.


It is common knowledge that COVID-19 is a novel virus and the symptoms of being affected will be visible after a few days of contraction. The entire world was concerned regarding the spread of the virus across countries and had to inflict travel restrictions which were the actual reason for the postponement. While the recoveries across the globe are rising, the contraction of the virus can still make a person weak and unable to function for a few days.

Cricket Players require immense energy to perform in the game and if there is a singular infection among the many individuals involved it might lead to a rapid spread leading to a disruption in the tournament. One can cite the US Open as an example of an alternative as they are currently being played in closed stadiums without an audience. Though the UAE government offered no clarity on the allowance of spectators in the stadium, the risk still stands high due to the number of personnel involved which is significantly high when compared to the US Open.

The Replacement problem

Though all the involved players in the teams are currently healthy, there is a chance of infection among the players. Even though the spread might be curbed among a few, it still demands extra players to be put on the ground as replacements. The sport which is a spectacle because of the veterans playing alongside the young, might not garner the same viewership when there are more new faces than usual.


The shift of IPL from India is already an economic disaster for the franchises since there is a significant rise in the expense in terms of the stay and maintenance of the players. The Hotels that have been shut for the past few months due to the pandemic might charge higher to cover the losses. Apart from this, the frequent health checkups of not just the players but of every person involved might put a hole in resources since these have to be carried out more often than before.

Currently there are no right answers or practically working solutions for any of these problems other than to take the necessary precautions and hope that they work out which is exactly what the organizers are doing. The tournament is going to begin on 19th September and will be telecast on all the major networks and streaming services like Hotstar, YuppTV, etc. Watch IPL 2020 live from all the countries available and let us pray that the tournament happens without any serious incidents.